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The Fuzzbox CD Project

Due to the high demand of people who have e-mailed me looking for CD copies of Fuzzbox material, I've decided to take matters into my own hands.

I have compiles all of the recorded output of Fuzzbox onto a 4-CD set, which is now available to all of you wonderful FuzzFans. Here are the details on the project:

The CDs will be available as 2 separate 2-CD sets. You can place an order on the set by e-mailing me at, and I'll mail you back all the shipping information.

Each individual 2-CD set (CD 1 and 2, the early stuff, or CD 3 and 4, the later stuff) sells for $20, postage paid to US addresses, or $22, postage paid to foreign addresses. Buy both sets and I'll knock a few dollars off.

Track listings for the CDs:

CD Set 1 (The Early Stuff)

CD 1CD 2
the full "We've Got a Fuzzbox & We're Gonna Use It" Album
Love Is The Slug
Wait And See
Spirit In The Sky
XX Sex
What's The Point
You Got Me
Hollow Girl
Console Me
Rules And Regulations

the full "Rules and Regulations" EP
Rules And Regulations (Splendiferous Mix)
XX Sex
Do I Want To?

Assorted other B-sides and Flotsam
Rockin' With Rita (Beach Party Mix)
Fuzzy Faves
Love Is The Slug (Bargainous Longerer Mix)
What's the Point? (The Bostinous One)
Bohemian Rhapsody
Fuzzy Ramblings

Rules And Regulations (7 inch Mix)
Rockin With Rita
Spirit In the Sky (shortish Mix)

Live Concert- El Mocambo 7/1/87
XX Sex
Spirit In The Sky
High Hopes
Love Is the Slug
Hollow Girl
Da Doo Ron Ron
Do I want To?
Wait And See
Rules And Regulations
Tutti Frutti
Leader Of The Pack

Radio Fuzzbox Promo Cassette
Radio Fuzzbox 1
Love Is The Slug
Radio Fuzzbox 2
Console Me (Live)
Spirit In The Sky (Live)
Enigma (Live)
Radio Fuzzbox 3
Radio Fuzzbox 4

CD Set 2 (The Later Stuff)

CD 3CD 4
Big Bang!
Pink Sunshine
Fast Forward Futurama
Jamaican Sunrise
Walking On Thin Ice
Versatile For Discos And Parties
International Rescue
Irish Bride
Do You Know?

International Rescue (Orgasmatron Mix)
Raining Champagne (Single Mix)
Raining Champagne (CD Single Mix)
Pink Sunshine (The High Octane Mix) Self! (The Selfish Mix)
Walking On Thin Ice (CD Single Mix)
Walking On Thin Ice (Fuzzdub)
Walking On thin Ice (DJ Mix)
Walking On Thin Ice (X-Static Fuzzmix)
Your Loss My Gain
Pink Sunshine (Acoustic)
Do I Want To? (1990 Version)
Your Loss My Gain (Extended)

Fuzzy Media has just created a set of 2 CDs of rare fuzzbox video and press clippings. You can reach them at: I can personally attest that these CDs are wonderful, and a great item for any Fuzzbox Fan!
Sorry, link appears to be broken. Please contact me to directly purchase copies of the set.

All of the records/singles by Fuzzbox are out of print, but there are still some stores that have it for sale:

Vinyl Tap Has the best collection of rare and out of print stuff by Fuzzbox that I've seen.

Cyber CD

Rotwang Music Video

Bolt Beats